How to Host a Navratri Garba Night at Goldroom Banquet Hall

Navratri, a celebration that is marked with musical beats, rhythmic dances, and devotion, will soon be here. We commemorate the divine feminine spirit during this period, as well as the victory of good over evil. In this article, we’ll go into the heart of Navratri Garba nights and give you a tour of Delhi’s opulent GoldRoom banquet hall in dwarka delhi. Prepare to rejoice, dance, and create lifelong memories.

Navratri Garba

Navratri Garba Nights at GoldRoom Banquet

The GoldRoom Hotel in Dwarka Delhi offers a beautiful setting for the Navratri Garba nights. Your Navratri celebrations will be nothing short of amazing thanks to GoldRoom Hotel’s first-rate amenities, services, and dedication to providing a memorable experience.

Event Dates and Timings

Navratri spans nine nights and usually falls between September and October. In 2023, Navratri will begin on October 9th and conclude on October 17th. Each night is dedicated to a different form of the goddess Durga, and it is customary to participate in Garba and Dandiya dances during these joyous celebrations.

Here are the dates and timings for Navratri in 2023:

Days, Dates, Times and Muhurat Of Navratri Garba 2023

Maha PratipadaOct-09Sunrise: 05:57 AM Sunset: 05:52 PMPratipada Tithi Begins: 06:15 AM
Maha DwitiyaOct-10Sunrise: 05:58 AM Sunset: 05:51 PMDwitiya Tithi Begins: 06:14 AM
Maha TritiyaOct-11Sunrise: 05:59 AM Sunset: 05:50 PMTritiya Tithi Begins: 06:13 AM
Maha ChaturthiOct-12Sunrise: 06:00 AM Sunset: 05:49 PMChaturthi Tithi Begins: 06:12 AM
Maha PanchamiOct-13Sunrise: 06:01 AM Sunset: 05:48 PMPanchami Tithi Begins: 06:11 AM
Maha ShashthiOct-14Sunrise: 06:02 AM Sunset: 05:47 PMShashthi Tithi Begins: 06:10 AM
Maha SaptamiOct-15Sunrise: 06:03 AM Sunset: 05:46 PMSaptami Tithi Begins: 06:09 AM
Maha AshtamiOct-16Sunrise: 06:04 AM Sunset: 05:45 PMAshtami Tithi Begins: 06:08 AM
Maha NavamiOct-17Sunrise: 06:05 AM Sunset: 05:44 PMNavami Tithi Begins: 06:07 AM

Navratri Excitement

Navratri is more than just a holiday; it’s a spiritual and cultural spectacle. It honours the triumph of good over evil and the divine feminine spirit. The festival’s name, “Navratri,” which is Sanskrit for “nine nights,” is intended to honour the Goddess Durga. Hindu mythology plays a significant role in the Navratri narrative. It represents the conflict between Mahishasura, a buffalo demon, and the goddess Durga. Durga vanquished the demon during this titanic combat, signifying the victory of right and truth.

Why Choose GoldRoom Hotel for Navratri Garba Nights?

GoldRoom Hotel in Dwarka, Delhi is your ideal destination for celebrating Navratri Garba nights in Dwarka, Delhi. Here’s why GoldRoom Hotel should be your top choice:

Luxurious Facilities

The GoldRoom banquet hall in Dwarka provides a variety of amenities to ensure that your stay is enjoyable and comfortable. For diverse tastes and budgets, guests can select from a variety of room styles, including deluxe, executive, and suites. Each room is generously sized, spotlessly clean, and furnished with contemporary conveniences including Wi-Fi, TV, mini-bar, tea/coffee maker, safe locker, and more.

Abundant Services

Finding the ideal hotel in a city can be difficult, but GoldRoom Hotel stands out as a veritable gold mine of amenities and services. In addition to other amenities, it has a gym, spa, hairdresser, restaurant, bar, banquet hall in Dwarka, and conference room. These facilities guarantee that your stay will be luxurious as well as pleasant.

The Grand Celebration

During the occasion, the GoldRoom Hotel is transformed into a bustling centre for Navratri Garba festivities. Visitors have the chance to participate in the pujas and rituals that worship Goddess Durga. You are able to take part in this spiritual journey by attending traditional rites that are performed with the highest devotion and accuracy.

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The cultural programs that feature Gujarati music, dance, art, and cuisine are among the highlights of Navratri Garba. These performances enthral the senses and offer a genuine glimpse into the culture. The Dandiya and Garba dance, when guests gather together in vibrant traditional dress and dance the night away to the music’s rhythmic beats, is another cherished ritual.

You can take part in these celebrations and make enduring memories at GoldRoom Hotel. A sight to behold is the spectacular procession that transports Goddess Durga’s idol to be immersed. The procession’s intensity, vigor, and energy are absolutely contagious, and GoldRoom Hotel guests have a front-row view of this breathtaking event.

What can you do around GoldRoom, Dwarka?

When you’re in Dwarka during Navratri, you have a unique chance to explore the city’s vibrant culture and spirituality. Dwarka offers several places where you can experience the essence of Navratri:

1. ISKCON Temple – Sri Sri Radha Parthasarathi Mandir

The ISKCON Temple, also known as Sri Sri Radha Parthasarathi Mandir, is a must-see location in Dwarka. One of the biggest ISKCON temples in India, it is close to the Dwarka Sector 13 Metro Station. Beautiful idols of Radha-Krishna, Sita-Rama, Lakshmi-Narayana, and Gaura-Nitai may be found inside. But it’s also a centre of culture, not merely a place for devotion. The temple also features a gift store, café, library, and museum. It is vibrant and spiritually enlightening because it regularly holds festivals like Durga Puja, Janmashtami, Holi, and Rath Yatra.

2. Sheetla Mata Mandir

Visit Sheetla Mata Mandir if you want to be protected from diseases. This temple is devoted to Sheetla Mata, the goddess linked to smallpox and illnesses, and is located close to Sector 12 Metro Station. The idol of Sheetla Mata, who has four hands and is carrying a broom, a fan, a pot, and a water jug, is housed in a basic temple with a red flag. There is a spiritual tree nearby where followers attach threads to express their intentions.

3. Vegas Mall

One of the newest and biggest shopping centres in Dwarka is the Vegas Mall, which is close to Sector 14 Metro Station. It’s a shopper’s paradise with over 200 businesses selling a variety of brands and goods, including fashion, electronics, home decor, and more. Additionally, the mall has a food court, theatre, gaming area, and kids’ play area, and hosts Navratri festivities and decorations.

4. Central Market

Another well-liked shopping location is Central Market, which is close to Sector 10 Metro Station. A variety of goods are sold by vendors, including fruits, vegetables, flowers, candy, and snacks. It also has eateries and fast-food joints that serve delectable foods. You can adorn yourself for the celebrations by visiting kiosks offering traditional jewellery and accessories during Navratri.

Dos and Don’ts of Navratri Garba 

Navratri Garba is not just a dance; it’s a cultural and spiritual experience. To fully respect the traditions and customs associated with the celebration, it’s crucial to adhere to certain dos and don’ts:


  • Show respect to the idols and the performers.
  • Dress appropriately, preferably in traditional attire.
  • Participate in the Garba and Dandiya dances with enthusiasm.


  • Avoid making loud noises or causing disruptions during the dance.
  • Refrain from touching the idols and performers without permission.
  • Do not litter or disrespect the sacred surroundings.
  • Refrain from engaging in unruly behaviour or public intoxication.

What is the history behind Navratri?

Navratri commemorates the victory of the goddess Durga over the buffalo demon Mahishasura, symbolizing the triumph of good over evil.

When is Navratri in 2023?

Navratri in 2023 will be celebrated from October 9th to October 17th

What are the main days of Navratri?

The main days of Navratri include Pratipada, Dwitiya, Tritiya, Chaturthi, Panchami, Shashthi, Saptami, Ashtami, and Navami.

What precautions should I take while celebrating Navratri Garba in Dwarka, New Delhi?

It’s advisable to respect local customs and maintain decorum during the festivities. Dress appropriately, avoid large crowds, and be mindful of noise levels.

As Navratri Garba 2023 approaches, seize the opportunity to celebrate this grand festival at GoldRoom Hotel in Dwarka, New Delhi. Immerse yourself in the enchanting celebrations, dance to the beats of Garba, and create cherished memories. You may also like to check out “How to enjoy the Durga Puja festival at GoldRoom hotel”. Book your room today at or call us at (+91) 08048036436 to be a part of this celebration of divine energy. Come, and embrace the joy and magic of Navratri Garba at GoldRoom Hotel!

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